Amy Barg

Communication | Growth | Leadership


Amy was flexible and easy to work with and I told her afterwards that she was perfect. I highly recommend Amy as a speaker. Her content is outstanding and her delivery is so enjoyable. You’ll learn and you’ll have fun!
— Kirsten Smith, Associate Director at Center for Information and Communication Sciences, Ball State University


You can relax… knowing others loved the growth experience Amy brought to their audiences! She’ll have your team engaged, interacting and laughing as they see their blind spots in communication, leadership and personal growth. Read more…

Demo Reel

Investing in your people sends a clear message that you value them and are committed to their growth. Amy will have your audience thinking, engaging, smiling and raising their hands for more growth! View more…

Event Planners

You’re busy. The process of booking a speaker needs to be simple and easy. Knowing what you can expect, helps. Quick clicks put all the info you’ll need about Amy… at your fingertips. Read more…


Invest in your people

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“An investment in your growth is an investment in your ability, your adaptability and your promotability.”

John C. Maxwell