Amy Barg

Speaking Topics

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Keynote Speaking and Professional Development

Each session is available as an hour-long keynote or a half-day seminar. Contact Amy to discuss what best meets the needs of your team or organization. Customized presentations are also available.

Connecting Compounds

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Connecting. It works in chemistry and…in relationships. And just as chemical bonds are difficult to break, so are those that result when people engage in ways where all feel seen, heard and valued. Discover the simple, powerfully practical steps you can take to increase your influence and improve your outcomes by intentionally connecting. You’ll walk away understanding: Why proactive beats reactive | Why your attitude determines your altitude | Why smaller is bigger when it comes to connecting.


Fix Your Hum

Interactive speaker Public speaker Keynote speaker Motivational speaker Inspirational speaker Leadership Training Engaging speaker

People are the messy necessity of business success. And, understanding that “messy starts with me” is the perfect place to begin the search for a solution. Knowing what makes you tick, causes you to react, lights your fire and drives you crazy can actually better equip you to relate well with others. This interactive session explores how an awareness of where you stand can cause a shift in perspective that leads to healthier communication, improved relationships and enhanced business performance.


Leveraging Leadership

Grasping the powerful implications of “the easiest hardest part of leadership” is simple but tough. It requires being and doing what you want your people to be and do. Discover how intentionally working first, hardest and longest on changing yourself AND… accepting responsibility for creating momentum will pave the way for you to empower others to expand and explore their own leadership potential. Your organization’s long-term sustainability is only possible through leveraging your own leadership growth to grow and develop others.


Lifting Leadership: Compass, Clarity and Capacity

Forward movement and increased capacity requires forward thinking and the willingness to tackle the topic of self-leadership. When it comes to leadership…it really does begin with you! Discover the navigational benefits of examining your own leadership compass, how misplaced beliefs in leadership myths may be derailing your influence as a leader and how implementing practical steps for personal growth can up level your capacity as a leader. You’ll leave with an action plan that you can begin implementing…immediately.


Mind Shift for Growth

Growth doesn’t happen accidentally. To grow in self-awareness, character, skills, and relationships requires intentional action steps and favors those willing to tackle the issues head-on. Individual who are growing not only improve the quality of their personal and professional life but they also have more to offer to others. Discover a new lens for viewing what may be keeping you “here” when you want to be “there.” And, you’ll receive some insanely practical steps for moving forward on your own growth journey.


Seeing Blind Spots


We all know the actuality of blind spots in driving, but being willing to admit the inevitability and effect of that same pesky reality in our own lives is a different story. Successfully addressing them requires a willingness to ask the powerful, and often painful, necessary questions. Sharing with raw candor the journey of owning her blind spots Amy helps others face and navigate this ongoing challenge in their lives. With passion and practicality, this is a “you can do this” session that will inspire and motivate.


The Leadership Game

Interactive speaker Public speaker Keynote speaker Motivational speaker Inspirational speaker Leadership Training Engaging speaker

Being told to do something (even if it’s really good for us) packs a different punch than being allowed to discover it on our own. The Leadership Game is an interactive experience based on those, “What do you think?” and “What am I missing?” questions that get at the heart of what is really going on in a team or an organization. A level-playing field environment where all perspectives are valued, results in learning, connection and fun! And when people are heard and having fun….that is a perfect first step toward solving problems. (available as a workshop only)


What Else?

It’s easy to find a white shirt; lots of stores sell them. Needing a specific color in a certain size means you simply search for a specialty shop. But what happens when you need a tailor-made keynote or seminar that addresses the unique situation of your team or organization? You look to Amy. Her creativity and extensive resources mean requests for customized presentations are welcomed. It begins with a discovery conversation to determine your desired outcome. Contact her today.