Amy Barg


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Investing in your people sends a clear message that you value them and are committed to their growth. Having Amy speak at your event or to your team will be an experience that has your audience thinking, engaging, smiling and raising their hands for more growth!


Demo Reel

The passion for defining and creating a growth environment for individuals and teams was sparked by Amy’s personal journey of growth.


Tips for Leaders - Motivation

How do I keep my team motivated with a vision on the future?

Other questions answered in this video series:
Why all this talk about leadership?
How do I deal with team dynamics?
How do I get my team to accept ownership/accountability?
How do I address bad attitudes that are impacting everyone?


Mind Shift for Growth

Growth Gaps... we all have them. Control them or they control you.


Amy Barg Living Large - Friday’s Perspective

Fill Your Pitcher

One result of Amy’s passion for growth is a dedication to LIVING LARGE! So, began her weekly video, Friday’s Perspective, designed to challenge herself and her viewers to consider a different perspective about common life occurrences. View a few right here… and check out more than 100 on her YouTube channel.


Amy Barg Living Large - Friday’s Perspective

Do A Little Dusting


Amy Barg Living Large - Friday’s Perspective

Live Like You Mean It